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ive been told that we here at 13sides use homosexuals as our punching bag. in my opinion we spend too much time making fun of white people like cindy 'liar liar pants on fire' sheehan, peter 'smoke em if you got em' jennings, paul 'agent orange' hackett, and most importantly horatio 'donkey punch' menedez-dong-enstein. so 13sides has now patenented the soon to be famous 'homosexual punching bag'.

the 'homo sack' will be just like anyother punching bag except it will come with its own overbearing mother, a closet, two rainbow flags (very colorful in the summer), and a petulant soundtrack including such phrases as 'what i do behind closed doors should be important to everyone', 'marriage is a right', 'dont oppress me...undress me', 'we're here, we're queer, lets drink some appletinis'. the bag is wrapped in a very durable poly-silk mesh that can withstand both open handed strikes and machinegun fire. we believe this will be the new craze come christmas time (which homosexual arent allowed to celebrate since jesus h christ hates them). so remember, you saw it here first.

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