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This is the email I sent to Onyi with the details of the Western Union Transaction:

Here are the details for the MoneyGram Transaction:

Sent to: Kingsley Raphael
State: Enugu
Country: Nigeria

Control Number for Transaction: 7709087383
Amount: $3750 (USD)

Secret Question: What is Cynthia's favorite pet?
Answer: Her foot long Alabama black snake.

I hope i did all of this correctly. I believe it is God's will. He brought you to me and wants us to be together forever.

I Love you,

Editors Note: That control number above is actually a rejection hotline for a local radio station.

Next is the Transcript after he returned from Western Union.

Transcript #1

[18:25] onyidollars: hello
[18:25] onyidollars: is not fair
[18:25] onyidollars: u made me a laughing object
[18:26] onyidollars: i thought you are a christan
[18:26] onyidollars: is not fair at all
[18:26] cynthia_mckinney_8891: who said anything about me being a christian?
[18:27] onyidollars: you would have tell me that you wouldnt send the money
[18:28] cynthia_mckinney_8891: i DID
[18:28] cynthia_mckinney_8891: so help me god, if Western Union lost that money
[18:29] onyidollars: u said money gram
[18:29] cynthia_mckinney_8891: whatever, same difference
[18:29] onyidollars: is not
[18:29] cynthia_mckinney_8891: it was nearly a month ago
[18:29] cynthia_mckinney_8891: if you knew the trauma i was suffering, it was an easy mistake
[18:30] onyidollars: police is after me
[18:30] cynthia_mckinney_8891: what did you do?
[18:30] onyidollars: they gave me 1 month
[18:30] cynthia_mckinney_8891: RUN
[18:30] cynthia_mckinney_8891: 1 month for what
[18:31] onyidollars: i went to the bank to collect the money
[18:31] onyidollars: they said that is fake
[18:32] onyidollars: they ask me to contact that person
[18:32] onyidollars: that send the money but i cant get you
[18:32] onyidollars: they seized my international passport
[18:33] onyidollars: becos i wanted if i get the money ,i will used it for my visa fee
[18:33] cynthia_mckinney_8891: how can we get it back??????
[18:33] cynthia_mckinney_8891: look, I'm sorry
[18:33] onyidollars: even if it is 1 dollar
[18:33] cynthia_mckinney_8891: I was in a HORRIBLE car accident
[18:34] cynthia_mckinney_8891: someone hit me in the back of my auto at 55 mph
[18:34] onyidollars: ity doesnt matter just for them to confirm that it is real
[18:34] cynthia_mckinney_8891: and I've been unable to leave my bed
[18:34] cynthia_mckinney_8891: today was my first day back at work
[18:35] onyidollars: sorry for that
[18:35] onyidollars: i am really sorry ok
[18:37] onyidollars: pls can i call you
[18:37] cynthia_mckinney_8891: yes
[18:38] onyidollars: your no
[18:41] cynthia_mckinney_8891: 202-482-5149
[18:41] cynthia_mckinney_8891: I must leave now
[18:41] cynthia_mckinney_8891: please hurry and call
[18:41] cynthia_mckinney_8891: I Love you
[18:41] cynthia_mckinney_8891: god speed

The 202 number mentioned above is the Nigerian advance fee fraud hotline at the US State Department.

The 2nd Transcript below was from yesterday, when Onyi proposed marriage to Cynthia.

16:31] onyidollars: how are u today
[16:31] cynthia_mckinney_8891: i am ok
[16:31] onyidollars: i call you yesterday
[16:31] cynthia_mckinney_8891: yes
[16:32] onyidollars: what happen to your cell phone
[16:32] cynthia_mckinney_8891: unfortunately, it broke when i had my car accident
[16:33] cynthia_mckinney_8891: and i have not gotten it replaced
[16:33] onyidollars: i wasnt hearing what you are saying
[16:33] onyidollars: so which one did i called
[16:34] cynthia_mckinney_8891: my office number
[16:36] onyidollars: ok
[16:42] onyidollars: so how is your health
[16:42] cynthia_mckinney_8891: getting better
[16:42] cynthia_mckinney_8891: i injured my back
[16:43] onyidollars: thank GOD
[16:43] cynthia_mckinney_8891: thank GOD I injured my back? what the hell does that mean? are you a masochist? I am in pain!
[16:44] onyidollars: I mean thank GOD that you are now getting well
[16:44] cynthia_mckinney_8891: oh, ok, thanks :)
[16:45] onyidollars: sorry i mean no harm
[16:49] cynthia_mckinney_8891: did you get your passport back
[16:49] cynthia_mckinney_8891: ?
[16:51] onyidollars: i am still waiting now
[16:51] cynthia_mckinney_8891: waiting for what
[16:51] cynthia_mckinney_8891: those bastards at money gram to give me back my money?
[16:53] onyidollars: have been there
[16:54] onyidollars: go there and retify the problem
[16:59] onyidollars: i think that will be the only solution
[17:00] cynthia_mckinney_8891: they've pissed off the wrong sister
[17:00] onyidollars: yea
[17:01] onyidollars: so when shopuld i becomiong over
[17:01] onyidollars: pls even it is 1 dollar to prove my innocent to them
[17:02] onyidollars: just send it pls
[17:03] cynthia_mckinney_8891: ok, i will drive over there when i leave work
[17:03] cynthia_mckinney_8891: do i use the same address as before?
[17:04] onyidollars: send it to first bank of nigeria
[17:04] onyidollars: western union money transfer
[17:05] onyidollars: to kingsley rapheal
[17:05] cynthia_mckinney_8891: what is your account number?
[17:06] onyidollars: u cant send it there becos i dont have current account
[17:07] cynthia_mckinney_8891: where do you have a current account then?
[17:08] onyidollars: current account in nigeria is expensive here
[17:08] onyidollars: just send it like i said
[17:08] cynthia_mckinney_8891: but wouldn't it be safer to wire money directly to the account, rather than take the chance of some meaning us harm taking the money
[17:09] cynthia_mckinney_8891: I don't want to be frauded again
[17:10] onyidollars: just send to first bank of nigeria
[17:10] onyidollars: this is my no +2348030944316
[17:13] onyidollars: nobobdy is frading you ok
[17:14] cynthia_mckinney_8891: money gram is!
[17:14] onyidollars: not money gram
[17:14] onyidollars: is western union money transfer
[17:15] cynthia_mckinney_8891: the old one was
[17:15] cynthia_mckinney_8891: the first one
[17:15] cynthia_mckinney_8891: is that your phone number or your bank account number
[17:16] onyidollars: my phone no
[17:16] onyidollars: the western union is the going way to send the money
[17:16] onyidollars: pls
[17:16] cynthia_mckinney_8891: we have an international block on my phone
[17:17] cynthia_mckinney_8891: so unless you have a US number, i won't be able to hear your sweet voice
[17:17] onyidollars: ok
[17:17] onyidollars: so when should i expert it
[17:18] cynthia_mckinney_8891: 1 hour
[17:18] onyidollars: my visa will take 2weeks to be ready
[17:20] cynthia_mckinney_8891: but what if you don't get your passport back
[17:21] onyidollars: i will get it
[17:21] onyidollars: that why the money to settle them
[17:22] cynthia_mckinney_8891: ok
[17:24] onyidollars: u have to send me invitation
[17:24] cynthia_mckinney_8891: invitation for what baby, cause you know you are invited!
[17:24] onyidollars: i know
[17:25] cynthia_mckinney_8891: I want you to come to America so you can taste sweet freedom, and so I can tame your alabama black snake
[17:29] onyidollars: i will like you to come to nigeria for us to wed to enable us obtain marriage certificate
[17:29] cynthia_mckinney_8891: we will wed in america
[17:32] onyidollars: mumy i know that i can trust you
[17:32] onyidollars: the main problem is how can i get a VISA
[17:32] onyidollars: to get a Us visa here in very hard
[17:33] cynthia_mckinney_8891: but don't you want to live in America
[17:33] onyidollars: i want to live mumy
[17:34] onyidollars: that why i need your help and how we can make it together
[17:34] cynthia_mckinney_8891: but there are so many more opportunities in America
[17:34] onyidollars: ok
[17:35] onyidollars: how can you bring me to US
[17:35] cynthia_mckinney_8891: I don't know, I've never been to africa
[17:35] cynthia_mckinney_8891: most of our ancestors came over smuggled in hulls of ships, but I don't know anybody with a boat
[17:36] onyidollars: africa is very good
[17:36] onyidollars: infact there is a friend of my who got married with a tranidan tobago
[17:37] onyidollars: she came to africa and stay for 3 days and on the 4 day they wed together and went back to USA
[17:37] cynthia_mckinney_8891: that's wonderful
[17:38] cynthia_mckinney_8891: altho i don't think i could wait, i'd have to marry you on the first day so we could start bumpin uglies
[17:38] onyidollars: and I hope and belive that I will have you as my wife
[17:38] onyidollars: and I hope and belive that I will have you as my wife
[17:39] cynthia_mckinney_8891: i feel the same
[17:39] onyidollars: pls can you come to africa for me honey
[17:40] onyidollars: Or Shall you send to me an Invittation Letter to come
[17:41] cynthia_mckinney_8891: I guess I will come there if you don't have a way to get here
[17:41] cynthia_mckinney_8891: but I gotta tell you, Cynthia don't like snakes or lions
[17:42] onyidollars: mumy if you come here for me you will make things good start happning more for me
[17:43] onyidollars: here in africa we are enrich in culture which you will like most
[17:43] cynthia_mckinney_8891: like what?
[17:45] onyidollars: cultural dancer's, Mascurade, Native pot celemony
[17:45] onyidollars: and a lot of them
[17:45] cynthia_mckinney_8891: I helped create the Tupac Shakur museum
[17:46] onyidollars: oh that great
[17:46] onyidollars: and I wish to see that
[17:46] cynthia_mckinney_8891: you will when you come to america
[17:46] onyidollars: ok
[17:46] onyidollars: because I have a lot of interest in music
[17:46] cynthia_mckinney_8891: great
[17:47] onyidollars: I can write a song and sing it by my self
[17:47] cynthia_mckinney_8891: i would love to hear one, do you have any that you can send me
[17:48] onyidollars: I am still working through my album at the stuido for now befor it will be ready to be distribute
[17:49] onyidollars: after working on it i will send one
[17:49] onyidollars: to you
[17:49] cynthia_mckinney_8891: i once had a 3 some with Kid and Play. Remember them?
[17:50] onyidollars: ok
[17:50] onyidollars: mumy i wanna see you here in africa
[17:50] cynthia_mckinney_8891: Western union is about to close, my the time has escaped me
[17:51] cynthia_mckinney_8891: we were talking and talking, i must go now
[17:51] cynthia_mckinney_8891: so i can make it
[17:51] cynthia_mckinney_8891: i want to see you too
[17:51] cynthia_mckinney_8891: but i must leave now
[17:51] onyidollars: ok
[17:51] onyidollars: i will call you on phone honey
[17:52] cynthia_mckinney_8891: ok
[17:52] onyidollars: i love you
[17:52] cynthia_mckinney_8891: I can't wait for you to split me like a rail
[17:52] cynthia_mckinney_8891: bye

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