abu ghraib prison blues


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sometimes we dont get the whole the story. we all know the media is biased against the truth, christians, gays, and one eyed jacks. we here at 13sides appreciate how insensitive the media can be to all of us and want to set the record straight on a very important issue....the issue of prisoners.

now, people may try and get you to believe these dirty arabs were set free as some part of an agreement to placate the sunnis. however, this is not true at all. the reason the us is letting these prisoners go is because upon burying these brown bastards the mass graves are more like mine fields. these crazy pig lovers will explode even dead. scientists have been studying what makes these muslim monkeys continue to assplode but as of now, no one really wants to get close enough to explore and not because of the explosions but because they smell like old bacon. anyway, 13sides will follow this story closely...but not too closely; we hate bacon.

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