cindy sheehan has alzheimer's


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turns out our lord and president is a murderer. cindy "the crawford creeper" sheehan has accused george of "killing her son". her son, who served in the 1st calvary, was said to have re-enlisted in 2003 knowing he would be sent to iraq. however, 13sides has uncovered a ground breaking development....cindy sheehan has alzheimer's. at first we thought it might have been a heat stroke suffered from her vigil in crawford or even possibly some type of sugar overdose from Ho-Ho's and Twinkies but unfortunately she is now in the sixth stage of the disease which includes such symptoms as the tendency to wander, the loss of the awareness of recent experiences, and imperfect recollection of personal history.

it's now time for a quiz. you pick which statement cindy sheehan made. for each one you get right you are allowed to club a baby seal.

'I now know [bush]'s sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis, I know [bush]'s sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know [bush]'s a man of faith.'
b. 'My son was killed by Shiite insurgents. I believe George Bush created the insurgency by his failed policies and that’s why my son was killed'
c. 'That was the gift the president gave us, the gift of happiness, of being together...'
d. 'I know something about aircraft carriers for real.'

answers: a. cindy sheehan, b. cindy sheehan, c. cindy sheehan, d. john kerry

13sides tried to contact casey sheehan but he was unavailable for comment....not because he's dead but because cindy sheehan was strangling him with her apron strings.

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