Counterpoint: Crackheads vote Democrat


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From reading his previous attempts at humor, I cannot tell if Horatio was trying to be funny or not when he offered the world this steaming turdburger:

Haven't done the research on this one, but I bet that the fatter you are, the more likely you are to have voted for George W. Bush. Idiots! 40%!

I would assume from his lack of poll data (which he is so fond of), he is basing this assumption on the fact that if I'm republican, I'm probably rich, and therefore can buy more food. That is, in fact, true. What he doesn't understand is that I have a personal trainer and my private country club allows me to walk 18 holes with my black caddy carrying my bag (he's on atkins as well!).

I, Dr. Kenneth Noisewater, would like to issue this counterpoint. Crack cocaine is a horrible epidemic that plagues our nation's inner cities. I haven't done the research on this one, but I bet that if you smoke crack, it is more likely that you vote Democrat. I mean, we've all seen Jesse Jackson pull up the buses in the projects to take the crackheads to vote, and I doubt they voted for Bush!

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