guy de maupassant is dead


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last night horatio was pushing me around the yard in a wheelbarrow talking incessantly. i typically don't listen very closely because he drones on and on about things no one cares about, like democrats and cricket. however, he told me his favorite arthur is guy de maupassant. i find this very odd for two reasons:

1. guy de maupassant is not named aruthur and
2. guy de maupassant is dead

what is more striking is sir arthur guy de maupassant was a pedophile who wrote homoerotic short stories with names like "a coward" about a man who never came out of the closet, "a family affair" about incest, "a queer night in paris" that really needs no explanation and "that costly ride" something about a reverse cowgirl....not sure what that means. anyway, i am disappointed again at horatio's proclivity to lies and people named arthur.

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