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horatio told me today he was going to sue his doctor because the "rash" he had really turned out to be something more crustaceous ruining his chances at the yearly "stuffed shorts sack race".

so i did a little googling of my own and when i finished i looked some stuff up on the internet and found this article from the nation (a good conservative use for toilet paper...never chafes). the most poignant part of the article other than the rape of an 85 year old woman (leave it to the libs to rape someone) was the following quote:

Smith says she doesn’t care about the money. “I want to make them accountable so that it doesn’t happen again,” she says.

smith's mom was staying at a nursing home and a worker there raped her mother who coincidentally has alzheimers just like cindy sheehan. smith, horatio and other people of their ilk not only want to rape old women but also want to use lawsuits as a weapon to punish anyone and everyone around them. they want to be able to drive by places and sue them for any amount of money just because they didnt get what they wanted and with no regard to the consequences like shutting down the nursing home (which was not found liable) and putting all of those old people out on the streets and fire everyone else who worked there. it only makes sense from their point of view...how can the democratic party continue to scare people they will be raped if in fact 1. they aren't raped and 2. they dont do the raping themselves to make sure it is done correctly.

this is yet another example of how people like horatio want to take our taxes, want to take our money for lawsuits in defense of the "little man" (midget hating bastards) and want our freedom of not being raped constantly. the democratic party can only succeed if we are all bent over like that poor old lady with some sweaty nursing student all over us.

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