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i made a new friend today. he calls himself 'up your nose' but with a 'z'. i think that name is offensive and slightly gay so i call him 'knuckles'. anyway i met knuckles at an a.a. meeting near harlem. i was there to dry up, he was there to pick up chicks. anyway we started to talk and he mentioned our lord and president's relationship with poles again. for the life of me i can't understand why liberals are so fascinated by our president's pole. you would think being a liberal and so morally bankrupt that you would cheat on your lesbian wife with a fat intern they could get over saint bush's pole. alas, i am wrong.

i am going to make it my mission to investigate liberal fascination with poles. i spoke with the doctor this morning...dr. noisewater that is...and we began to put together some hypotheses why liberals love poles. note: dr. noisewater is not a medical doctor. he is a doctor of law so please refer any legal questions or law suits to him. thanks.

1. hitler took out the poles first.....liberals are nazis
2. strippers dance on poles....liberals are prostitutes
3. the american flag is hung on a pole....liberals hate america
4. pole vaulting.....liberals hate the greek and the olympics
5. poles are used for skiing....liberals are racist...they hate white things
6. north pole...liberals dont believe in santa
7. south pole...liberals believe the earth is flat

the doctor and i will explore these. well keep you posted as results become available.

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