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i spent some time this morning reading about bill clinton former pastor the reverend fred phelps. he is taking his preaching and his message of moral consciousness across the atlantic to sweden. but after doing a little poking around and looking at stuff on the internet it turns out the reverend is a liberal.

i know you are thinking, "fred cant be a lib...he hates homos". well we all know in order to become a card carrying member of the communist party you must hate reality and support the "rights" of people who are so "oppressed" they are, demographically speaking, the richest and wealthiest among us...but you must also hate regular rich people...its confusing but marx was never really clear about much.

the first example is hillary's former lover the reverend agrees with cindy sheehan. seems they can both agree people who graduate from ivey league schools, run successful businesses, become govenor, and then president....twice, are without convictions and a liar. of course your friendly author would agree because bill clinton did the same things and we all know he has no convictions and was even convicted of being a liar, liar pants on fire.

the second example is both liberals and jesse jackson's mentor believe ronald reagan is burning in hell. of course we all know this is not true. liberals dont believe in anything really. well, not really. they only dis-believe what rational people believe. this, i feel, will prove to be lots of fun during mid-terms and the '08 elections.

the final example is sheehaninites and howard dean's partner all hate america. granted they hate america for two totally different reasons. the reverend hates...well we know what he hates and liberals hate america because its not china. those crazy kids love human rights violations.

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