midget ninjas?


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so it turns out pat robertson is not the only one to claim the title 'natural born killer'. our favorite midget george standontopofphonebooks can also kick a little ass. i love it when midgets wrestle., especially mental midgets like standingupforfreedom.

what truly amazes me is pat robertson was crucified yesterday for saying hugo 'boss' chavez should have a large hole in his head and standingonastool has nothing said about him and wanting to kill saddam.

side note: im glad we havent done anything to saddam like invade iraq. those darn democrats keep trying to scare us into believing someone like saddam can be dangerous...silly democrats.

i think we need a cage match. standinglookslikesitting versus pat robertson. my money would be on the swift, the silent, the short stepuptotheplate. he has managed to threaten world leaders AND get his own sunday morning talk show. all pat robertson has done is saved a million souls from the damnation and hellfire of not accepting jesus h. christ into their homes and hearts. but who cares about that? stinksuptheplace has the clintons on his side and i dont care what you say, two devils beat one carpenter everyday of the week. besides stoplookingdownonme doesn't play by the rules...if international law means nothing to him then surely he will ignore any pleas to keep it clean and not pull brass knuckles out of his tiny shoes. democrats are cheaters.

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