mother holds vigil for dead video gamer


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the mother of a dead south korean video gamer is now holding vigil outside the developer of the game blizzard. wanting to speak to the president of blizzard and ask why her son had to die and why the president doesnt send in his children. luckily the mother of the fallen starcraft soldier has chosen dr. kenneth noisewater as her legal council in hopes to exploit her sons death and gain much needed media attention. 13sides is the first to interview the grieving mother mindy needham.

tony: thanks for meeting with us cindy...i mean mindy.
cindy: you're welcome. i just want to go on record as saying that mike morhaine the president of blizzard killed my son with his failed policies in the starcraft the game.
tony: how is that possible? didnt your son have some hand in his buying the game and playing until he died?
cindy: absolutely not! though my son willingly bought the game knowing the risks from having played the past game, it is solely the fault of blizzard he died. if the game weren't so noble and good my son would never have gone back to iraq.
tony: iraq?
cindy: what? no, starcraft.
tony: but you said iraq.
cindy: no i didnt.
tony: whatever, next question. do you think you are doing your son a disservice by being here? do you think if he were still alive he might be a little bit embarrassed.
cindy: who cares about him now? he dead, this is all about me and what i want.
tony: but luckily a lot of puppies will be saved because there is one less south korean to eat them.
cindy: but thats not why he was playing the game. he wasnt told he would save millions of puppies by playing; he was told he could expect to find deadly weapons that would be used to exterminate his character and there weren't any.
tony: but surely you can see some good coming from his death. think of what christmas would be like with no puppies to give...our in your case eat.
cindy: christmas? oh so now there's no separation of church and state?
tony: what?! you're crazy. we're done here. doctor, take her away.

it just goes to show, dont ever stand between a mother and her desires to whore herself because her son died and her husband left her for being crazy and now the only feel ever to be copped is from the arms and hands of liberal sharks. menopause will do strange things to women who are already disconnected from reality.

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