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13sides would like to welcome its newest member, the octagon. he is kind of like the pentagon but with three extra factions besides army, navy, airforce, marines, coast guard; the extra factions are s.a.r.s, the hiv, and balloon animals. the octagon is a recent graduate from northwestern illinois school for the deaf, dumb and blind. though our octagon is not a retard or some type of capper (short for handicapped) he does enjoy the occasional 'elephant man' role play....and cher song. now working as a professional anarchist he organizes anarchist meetings under very strict rules and regulations. he is also going to be our resident field reporter bringing us information and stories from the front of the stage at u.n. strip shows and from the back rooms where the u.n. officials like to make 'oreos' (i dont know what that means).

anyway lets give a round of applesauce to the octagon.

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