only catholics and rapists pull out


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why the need to pull out of iraq? last i checked things were moving in a better direction than they ever have in that godforsaken desert they call a country. iraq is the new training ground for assholes (read terrorists or muslims) and liberals. pulling out is so anti-climatic and would be very messy. we should continue putting our biggest cannons in them and unload round after round. i for one dont want the u.s. of 'the only protection i need is a missile' a to be compared to rapists or catholics. those people make a living pulling out and it just shows how they can never finish anything. i for one am glad we have a president who is willing stick to his guns and put his guns deep inside any country who has assholes and pound away until those assholes are left bloody.

the last thing we need now is some catholic like sheehan or some rapist like hagel trying to convince us that removing the thrust of our might from those assholes will help to protect us from the venereal disease that is radical islam. im glad we're there and i hope we keep pounding away no matter how other people may view our military proclivities.

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