part 2: answering sheehan


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in part 1 we covered the first question sheehan wants answered by bush. we now take some time to answer the second question she wants to ask.

2. We would like for him to explain this "noble cause" to us and ask him why (presidential daughters) Jenna and Barbara are not in harm's way, if the cause is so noble.

the answer to this question comes in two parts. allow me to first explain the "noble cause".

there are dirty, disgusting, inhuman, pig loving, brainwashed assholes that want kill me...and you. these assholes dont care if i voted for george w. bush or hug trees and talk about love and understanding. they dont care if i empathize with their plight and do what i can to alleviate their suffering. they want us dead. very simple. they are assholes because they want us dead. who cares why? they lost their opportunity for love and understanding on 9/11. love went up in flames in the north tower, understanding in the south tower. the "noble cause" revolves not around one bitter lady with a penchant for the melodramatic and the irrational the "noble cause" envelopes all of us. every single american. the "noble cause" is we have the rights to life (not having some assholes blow us up), liberty (not living under a terrorist mandated police state), and happiness. (note: liberals, happiness is that strange feeling you get when something goes right, like getting a blow job with your wife asleep up stairs.) this noble cause does not mean trying to hug a dirty arab with a bomb strapped to him to try and talk him into seeing the err of his ways. the noble thing to do is eliminate them from about a mile away. now everyone is safer. see how that works? dead dirty arab with bomb equals no one dies. easy math.

the second part of sheehan's question i want to address is sending the daughters of the president into war. this statement proves that cindy sheehan is nothing but a media whore craving attention because her son made up his own mind to go and fight to keep us safe. it shows how immature she and blinded but whatever "grief" she claims to suffer. honestly, the only grief she suffers is what she is putting on the rest of the country having to put up with her pimping her son's memory so she can get a little air time. is it any wonder cindy sheehan is the only one to spread her legs for all of this attention...again i am embarrassed for her and i am embarrassed the rest of the country has to listen to her ravings. the only conclusion i come to as to why sheehan wants to send the bush daughters over there is because she is so spiteful she wants all of our soldiers to die. sending the bush daughters to iraq would put a huge target not just on the girls but upon anyone who is anywhere near them. those crazy bastards would stop at nothing to harm those girls and anyone who comes between them. then we could thank sheehan for killing all of our children and hold vigil outside her trailer wanting our questions answered.

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