paul hackett hates jesus


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i have been increasingly dismayed at the goings on in ohio, the last bastion of loose women and dilapidated factories. but that is not the reason i am dismayed with ohio.

i am upset because paul hackett hates jesus.

you may wonder how i know this...but it turns out horatio claims paul hackett works for harry potter and we all know any good catholic (especially our new nazi one...the pope) knows that only people who hate jesus like harry potter. after all the pope said it himself when eloquently stated "heil hitler'. i think that about sums up hacketts stand on the issues. hackett has tried to disassociate himself from the label 'satan worshipper', however, his continuous public slaughtering of goats and christians is a record hard to deny. just because hackett served and fought in iraq does not mean he is without fault nor does it mean he gets absolution for hating our lord and saviour jesus h. christ.

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