peter jennings is a terrorist


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was sharing a ham sandwich with zarqawi last night and we were talking about health issues. you may not know but zarqawi is a health nut. he spends up to six hours a day in the gym pumping up his turban. he was very upset that peter jennings (a canadian) will kill more people with lung cancer than all of his explosive personalities. i think zarqawi felt emasculated by the fact a syrup loving canadian had the power to take almost 150,000 lives in 2004.

when horatio showed up and cooked us some bacon he tried to console zarqawi saying what he was doing will make it in the newspapers because people in the u.s. care more about how he kills people than how americans kill themselves. besides protesting the peter jennings disease is a lot less fun than making claims about bush killing children. i think we made zarqawi feel a little better. he realizes that he will never be able to kill more americans than peter jennings and it doesnt really matter because those who blame america first blow up just as easily as anyone else. i can only hope they do. after our discussion we had pork chops and watched torture tapes of gitmo.

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