petition to bitch-slap senator hagel


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dear mr. president of the god fearing gun loving united states of america,

as fellow republicans we implore, nay, we demand you bitch slap senator hagel. his constant pandering to morons and liberals is nauseating. so much so the under-signed require you to get cindy sheehan to hold senator hagel down and slap him repeatedly saying "say it bitch, say it...stay the course IS the plan". knowing full well senator hagel plans to run for president the petition is two fold.

1. get him to shut the hell up and stop being an embarrassment for depends under garments everytime he wets the bed when things get difficult.

2. we can use the petition as proof the only president he will be is president of the babbling idiots lonely senator club, currently headed by voinivich.

thank you mr. president and we look forward to a good clean open handed smack down.


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