protesting for the fat


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horatio was telling me about how some fat girl got beat up at a rally. now it might be unfair to assume she was fat but i come to this conclusion based on two things.

1. she is from berkeley and
2. she got caught...clearly too fat to evade

i think such actions as taken by the secret service to try and calm her down are clearly a violation of her right to be skinny. they should have chased her fat ass around to help her work off of some of her baby fat she so desperately holds onto at the age of 26. clearly her parents didnt love her enough so she feels she must act out in a public display with her grotesque obesity putting fear into andy card and causing the secret service to rodeo her to the ground. i think in the future when people like this chubby protestor go and protest to spread aids in africa they should wear running shoes and have the secret service chase them around the perimeter of the event until they lose about four pounds...or until they realize protesting is for morons. whichever comes first.

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