terrorism + immigration = fun


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last night i was sitting on the mexican border smoking hashish and drinking warm beer. the octagon was with me but i couldn't see him...i could hear the gun shots though. he was on top of a little knoll shooting at beaners trying to cross the border. being a pacifist and terribly lazy, i decided i would join him in so far as i would only sit in an old lawn chair and sweat.

about midnight the octagon took a break and came back to base camp. he was looking dapper in his new pin-stripe mob suit carrying a very large high powered sniper rifle. he told me he only got one hit and it was just an old lady. we began to discuss the immigration problem and how it affects terrorism in the mother land...or father land...i never know which one to call the u.s.

what is the solution to a very difficult problem? i was unable to think clearly enough to volunteer any help other than incoherent babble and the occasional vomiting fit. however, the octagon came up with a wonderful idea. allow me some time to sketch it out for you. first, we withdraw from iraq. completely and totally. we dont bring the troops home because we dont want the terrorists to think we are going to fortify our borders. we send the troops to france to just hang out and make the frogs nervous. then we get a bunch of whacky muslims, put stakes in the ground on the border and tie the dirty arabs to the stakes. then when the mexicans are trying to cross they will see another brown skinned compadre and not really think anything of it...however, as well all know if you get too close to a muslim they will explode. what a surprise that will be for people crossing illegally. it will be like a human minefield.

it is a win win for everyone involved, except the mexicans of course...and farms...and construction companies...and maid services but other than that the pork monkeys get to blow themselves up and we get to secure our borders.

pure genius if you ask me. now if you'll excuse me i have to go vomit again.

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