theory of condescension


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so horatio was explaining how intelligent design is neither intelligent nor a design. instead the only theory we should rely on is the other theory not proven. we should rely on this theory because if not we might let jesus h. christ sneak into our classrooms and the next thing you know children would be living by the ten commandments like thy shall not cheateth on your wife with portly girls of an unnatural stature and thy shall not lieth to a grand jury about sexing said full figured pony or even thou shall not taketh knick knacks from the white house upon leaving and claim such treasures as gifts...but i digress.

teaching the utterances of a 73 year old man on his death bed as the gospel is the only way we can prevent christians from going into public places and blowing themselves up or getting put in jail and complaining about jailors wiping their infidel bottoms with the bible. we can show people in the advancement of american education we are committed to our theories. in fact we just now revised the theory of condescension. the theory now states: the level of condescension is directly proportional to the subject's cowardice.

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