The U.N. - Intelligent Design or Evolution


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So which is it? "Intelligent" design (like Syria getting to vote on human rights issues while the infidel US is kicked off the commission) or survival of the fittest? From the way Kofi Anon folds his 500 yaun and slips it into the G-string of this 13 yr. old Korean girl here in Guang Zhou, I'm going to go with "intelligent" design. The kind of intelligence that only ivy league schools, baby killers and terrorist can possibly understand. We god fearing mortals are not worthy of such "intelligence". Add to that the fact that gas is getting to expensive for me to get my 3 kids to school in my SUV and we'll be back to rubbing sticks together for fire in no time.

Maybe we should go to Iraq where gas is cheap. Perhaps I can stop by on my next trip to Syria covering the U.N.'s Human Rights death March of dimes.

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