13sides enters retail market...again


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today the whole crew was in washington preparing for the yearly harrison family reunion, bbq, and gang bang. we were out front of the white house taking some pics, drinking some booze, and doing a little mainlining when along comes another family reunion. now maybe it was because i couldnt see straight or maybe it was because the secret service dude has his foot against my throat...but i could have sworn it was the she-man lady...you know the one - her son was killed by george bush in some kind of convenience store robbery gone terribly wrong. it looked as though she-bland had only about 30 or so people with her to deliver the letter to george bush asking where all the rainbows went. far it be it from me to say what defines a "movement" but somehow i dont think she-idiot and 30 of her closest friends really embodies anything more than really crazy people.

with all of that said 13sides has decided to enter the retail market again. our homosexual punching bag was a resounding success, except in san francisco (dr. noisewater is planning a suit against the city of san francisco for not allowing us to demonstrate the bag as the next big thing since hate crimes). we will be selling t-shirts saying "i saw sheehan coming down the avenue" on the front and "she's still a bitch" on the back. we are hoping to donate all of the proceeds to getting the octagon out of jail..oh and katrina people i guess.

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