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Seems some fellas who probably know a little about levees think funding wasn't to blame for New Orleans.

According to The Corps of Engineers, it would take $2.5 billion dollar levee system to protect New Orleans from a category 5 hurricane. But Dodeca-dork wants you to believe that Bush's $5 million dollar cut for Hurricane levees would have saved New Orleans. Nevermind the FACT the levees around N.O. were designed to handle a category 3 hurricane (Katrina was a Category 4 at landfall, and the levees were working fine.) Or the FACT that in 1965 after Hurricane Betsy left New Orleans under 8 feet of water, a project to build up the levees was never finished, mainly because of lasseiz-faire government (by the way, that was 40 years ago). Or the FACT the decsision to build levees for a Category 3 hurricane was made decades ago.

According to Horatio's hometown newspaper, Congress funded a study in 1999 to study to see how much it would cost to protect New Orleans from a Category 5 hurricane. Unfortunately, the study isn't supposed to start until next year. Guess Bush somehow can be blamed for that as well.

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