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unable to win elections or to affect any realistic policies or to even advance anything remotely close to an original thought the liberal blogosphere (liberosphere) is dealing with their own disaster. in the midst of the worst natural disaster of our nation's history the liberosphere has taken great pains to rescue the submerged pumps of new orleans, not to save the thousands stranded, dying refugees but so they can pump out their own stupidity into internet space.

for all the time spent digging up old articles of fema and budget allotments and complaining about what the president was doing they could have been raising money or telling people where to send money or aid...or help organize what we can do to help those with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing.
ive thought long and hard about what we could do to remedy these people who do nothing more than complain about how bad our lord and president is but have never said how they would do things differently...its so easy to criticize, especially when you're worthless.

here is my solution. since the "people" in the liberosphere dont really add anything to our country, we should send them to iraq to hug the terrorists and to talk the terrorists into leaving us alone. hopefully the terrorists will show them the same hospitality as they showed
Daniel Pearl. lord knows the liberosphere would be easy to find with all of the shrill screaming and whining. it makes me so tired to have to see such stupidity...maybe they'll go away after mid-terms and the complete collapse of the democratic party as we know it...ill keep my fingers crossed.

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