Carnival of Pretension


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I don't know if Horatio was channeling James Lipton last night when he offered the world this abortion of a sentence:

I will hazard to say that negative album reviews may be the most inherently hilarious form of English prose in which it is possible to express oneself.

This excerpt was from the post titled "Sh!t Sandwich". Well no kidding. Seriously. Horatio. This is an intervention. People won't read your Napoleon Dynamite view of the world (see posts like "George Bush! IDIOT!) if you insist on giving them irritable bowel syndrome with posts like these. I guess saying "Spin's negative album reviews are funny" isn't pretentious enough for your other Dartmouth English Literature buddies that are probably doing something with their lives like writing menus for Captain D's.

So I'm calling out all of you loyal 13sides readers. Please help me help dodeca-spaz. Go to 12sides and find your favorite pretentious quote and post them in the comments here. He's counting on you.

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