cindy sheehan to hold another vigil


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cindy sheehan decided since president bush would not meet her in crawford she would go to dc. unfortunately, as is the case for most bull-dykes, she wound up in a jail cell holding a vigil for her lesbo-virginity. cindy, the mother of casey sheehan who was the first person to ever die in the military, has already spread her milky white thighs for her ex-husband and since women rarely get pregnant on the first try, we know she had to enact the beast with two backs more than once. she has also whored herself out to the media in trying to prove that it is possible to be more annoying than richard simmons and more pointless than kevin federline. now, cindy is wanting to hit the penthouse trifecta...will probably start something like this...

"after the delousing one of the officer-ettes took me into a room for a full body search. she was a sexy five five, one hundred eighty pounds, shaved head, and flannel shirt..."

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