Coyote Ugly


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In a move that has severely pissed off coyotes, Pima County (AZ) supervisors have voted to provide funding again this year for desert water stations. You probably are saying to yourself, what do coyotes care about water stations? Well the water stations are for thirsty immigrants illegally crossing the border into the United States so they don't die and become the next meal of a buzzard or coyote. Apparently, autopsies are a lot more expensive than water, to the tune $300k a year. Nevermind the fact that housing the immigrants in Pima County jail costs $8 million a year, or that this sounds an awful lot like aiding and abetting a felony, which illegally crossing the border is.

So drink up beaners, but be careful. These water stations will be lighthouses for Minutemen.

Hat-tip to Boortz.

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