divert and conquer


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seems like the mastermind rove has planned another gem for us americans. let me lay it out for you to show the sheer genius of boy wonder. first he bought more than 400 millions tons of aqua net. he then paid black people 18 cents an hours to spray those bottles; thus destroying the ozone and their lungs (more on the lungs later). the now compromised ozone layer created a massive storm named katrina which hit new orleans and other parts of the gulf coast. in a secret memo, to be published later on some obscure liberal blog, from rove to the president, rove tells the president to make sure to tell people he didnt think anyone thought levees would be breached. this would cause a liberal surge not seen since katrina...wait....nevermind. while the liberals were feeding on this new bit of rove-aganda, rove deployed the secret police to now start shooting black people in new orleans at will. killing people who steal and more importantly black people who steal (with now damaged lungs so they cant run as fast) fed fuel to the fire. at this point the liberosphere became so incensed their logical levees were seen breaking all over blogdom with rationality being flooded by walls of fluid feces. at the same time rove was able to secretly cut funding for cancer research, secure lucrative contracts for haliburton, and personally stab supreme court chief justice william rehnquist in the neck. with the death of rehnquist rove has caused a diversion to take away from bush's planned inability to take care of the storm he caused by using black people to kill black people. now rove has enabled bush to destroy entire regions of the gulf coast, destroy the ozone, kill a bunch of black people, get contracts for his buddy the veep, knock off an aging justice, appoint his nominee as the chief justice, and get another appointment to the court. the man is a genius...im glad the left hasn't caught full wind of this amazing conspiracy they would really be upset.

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