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So our favorite liberal blogger seems to think that Bush should resign (in favor of someone like Keyane West, no doubt). And on top of that, he seems to think that the GOP has a monopoly on political corruption and pork projects. Well, here is where the facts get in the way of his arguments, not that he cares...

Here are some numbers on "pork" spending in our government in the 2004 Congressional Ratings from the Citizens Against Government Waste. From the intro overview (and a higher score is better):
The average score for Republicans in the House was 63 percent. For House Democrats, the average was 11 percent. The entire House had an average of 39 percent. Each category is worse than the previous year: For 2003, Republicans had an average of 72 percent, Democrats had an average of 17 percent, and the entire House rated 46 percent.

In the Senate, the average for Republicans was 63 percent. For Senate Democrats, the average was 16 percent. The entire Senate averaged at 40 percent. Each category rated lower than the previous year: In 2003, Republicans rated 70 percent, Democrats rated 19 percent, and the entire Senate rated 45 percent.

How about taking a look at Robert Byrd (D), also known as the "King of Pork".
In 2005, Senator Robert C. Byrd managed to claw $399 million in pork for West Virginia, or $220 for every single resident, using his privileged position as ranking chairman of the Appropriations Committee. After he secured $97 million in fiscal 1999, Byrd became the first person in CAGW's Congressional Pig Book history to obtain more than $1 billion in pork for his state.

Oh well, I guess that's just one man's opinion (and a slew of facts, statistics, etc., but who's counting).

Let's move on to corruption. Well again, this is not a GOP only endeavor, but a political reality across the board. Let's examine a few incidents from the non-GOP crowd, since some seem to think they are so much more virtuous.

But I guess it's ok to buy your way in politics if your liberal. If you are in the GOP, you are the devil.

I must go vomit now.

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