the great democratic hope - part 2


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If we can't get the Kerry supporters to help out with hurricane Katrina relief, how about the liberal bloggers? This would provide more than enough useless skin bags to shore up those levees in no time. And while we're at it, we can seize their property for the disaffected families of this horrible disaster. They don't need it anyway. They are all above material possessions.

So far, we have not had any volunteers, but one of our favorite liberal bloggers, Horatio has these words of encouragement for anyone eager to help out in the time of need instead of bitching from the sidelines:

Screw You

Can you feel the love?

In response, we here at 13sides will be taking up a collection for dear Horatio. The goal is to get enough money so we can help him buy back his soul from the devil. More to follow...

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