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in the wake of katrina's wrath and in the path of the rising tides of liberal death mongering it seems the democrats are more heartless than even we could imagine. new orleans is one of the last bastions of democrats to still exist in the south. new orleans has a democratic mayor (great job with the buses by the way), a democratic governor, democratic controlled state legislature, a democratic u.s. representative, one of the senators is democratic...and yet bush is to blame because he didnt think the levees would break.

i have a plan to save new orleans. every single person who ever said "if you support the war you should join" or "bush should have his daughters join" go sign up now at your local national guard office. if there is such a shortage of guardsmen then help to ease the gap. join. i figure if of the 60,000,000 who voted for kerry, if even 1% is part of the loony left then we'll have enrollment of about 600,000 new national guardsmen. that shoud be more than enough to assist with new orleans.

but we all know they wont do it. its much too easy to blame others than to take action. its much too easy to google reasons to hate the president, its hard to do whats right, its hard to fill sand bags, its hard see dead bodies, its hard to look into the eyes of a refugee and realize this is not a third world country, its america, home of the free, the brave, and now the scared, the homeless, the clothesless, the penniless, the suffering. how quickly they blame, how quickly they forget, bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.

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