i dont believe in atheism


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those silly atheists are at it again.

i dont believe that when i talk on the phone there is really someone sitting on the other end. afterall i cant see them. i dont believe in elephants because ive never seen one. i dont believe in gravity, love, music, stars...in fact i no longer believe in anything that cant be proven outright. i also no longer believe in beliefs either. after all i cant prove that if in fact i can actually believe that whatever i put my belief into is provable. i dont believe what i just said.

belief of any kind requires faith. even if the belief is the belief in "not-something". atheists are so concerned about removing all symbols of faith and belief from any government building that i am going to sue the government to remove all symbols of no-faith and non-belief from all government buildings...including but not limited to walls, water fountains, trash cans, atheists, most chairs, vending machines, etc.

after all if our government is supporting the belief and faith in nothing then is it really truly a separation of church and state?

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