i hate black people


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and christians and white people, latinos, italians, the irish, most asians, and most of all i hate idiots. ive been on a four day binge here in northern maine and im hoping the things i hear and see is just alcohol poisoning and im about to die.

ray nagin wants people to come back to new orleans. now let me do the math...if there are half a million people in new orleans and 70 percent are black and there is another hurricane coming...well ive always thought black on black killing was a little odd but this takes it to a whole new level. nagin wants his fellow "brothers" and "sistas" to come back home so the federal government can bomb levees and kill more black people...which brings me to my next point.

malik shabazz, the leader of the new black panther party (made with real bits of panther so you know its good), seconded louis farrakhan's comments about a crater under the levees created by some type of explosive device. two points here... 1) are you really going to be an anti-semite with a first name like louis? i dont know if farrakhan and his ilk hate gays, but damn gina, louis? seriously? and 2) dont you think black people do enough killing eachother without help from the us government? if the us government really wanted to kill poor black people they would go into the ghetto and give out free nikes to only half the people.

i dont want to hear anything about anyone not being able to leave...sure if you were bed ridden and left in a nursing home to drown you are a 'victim'...however, the "poor" people who couldnt get out..? sorry dont buy it. you got legs? walk. you dont have anywhere to go? we've seen how helpful our fellow americans are...just because you stayed does not mean you will garner immediate sympathy... nor does it mean there is some vast conspiracy to kill you. these people who are race baiting are more disgusting than any dead body floating in the water. now is not the time to put forth theories of idiocy or to sit back and claim this is another example of "the man holding us down", the government is not here to save you, or to make decision for you in regards to your own safety. if you are incapable of taking care of yourself or making decision that would further self-preservation (like say... oh i dont know.... getting out of the way of a hurricane) then chances are you will die...regardless of the color of your skin. stupidity kills and stupidity sees no color.

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