i hate white people


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sorry ive been away. i got into a fight with a hooker and she stole my dignity. i have been looking for it ever since, with no luck.

i hate white people.

all of them. people like mary "rodham" landrieu, richard "dick" durbin and ted "mary jo kopechne" kennedy. landrieu is clearly an insult to those of us who can read (she even gives black people a bad name). this is the woman who threatens to punch anyone who criticizes anyone from her state. the problem im having is, which state? the state of louisiana or the state of complete and total detachment from anything remotely close to reality.

as for durbin...have you ever seen him? he looks like an uncircumcised penis. he should have been more concerned about having a facial bris than comparing soldiers to nazis and gulags. hell, these stupid white people have invoked the name of hitler and his minions so much even hitler rolls his eyes now. fyi whiteys, comparing someone to hitler doesnt mean that much anymore...especially since everytime you dumb honkeys lose an election you stamp your feet and call everyone hitlers or eichmanns...speaking of which, ward churchill is a dumb cracker too. hes not an native american 1. he doesnt own a casino and 2. though he was drunk when he made his comments he doesnt have a drinking problem and 3. he doesnt stand very still outside of drugstores.

and finally ted kennedy. not much to say other than he is not really mad at bush or anyone else. what makes him a bad white person is secretly...down deep...in the abyss of his soul...at the bottom of his moral well...hes mad that katrina got to drown all of those people and he didnt even get a shot at one of them. there are a lot of bridges in new orleans...and poor ol' ted was mad he couldnt be the bus driver to help 'evacuate' some of those people.

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