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for those of you who like to blame bush i have a few questions...

if it was so evident the levees were going to break why did you wait until AFTER the hurricane to prove your point?
if it was so evident sending national guardsmen to iraq would be such a danger to natural disaster recovery why did you wait until AFTER the hurricane to make that argument?
if it was so evident the organization and funding of fema was such a disaster why did you wait until AFTER the hurricane to complain about it?

i think i know the answer. liberals dont love anyone other than those who spout the same mindless, thoughtless drivel as josh marshall, dailykos and randi "baghdad betty' rhodes. these people want others to die. it is the only thing that will prove their twisted arguments. all it took was one soldier to be killed in iraq before the rats came out of the woodwork screaming and yelling and protesting the war. however, it is icing on the cake almost 2,000 have been killed in their eyes. as more and more of our soldiers die, the happier they become...the more they enjoy a good smirk before they go back to writing osama love letters and raising taxes.

then comes katrina...and you've never heard such glee from the left. its really the silver lining to lives not worth living. the liberosphere was up late with the lexis nexis doing all they could to pin the disaster on someone with an 'r' after their name. in fact, some where even claiming mother nature could be a republican, seeing as how mother nature never loses an election. anyway, it was almost palpable...the coinciding butts puckering up could have drained lake pontchartrain in less than an hour. yet instead of lending a hand the left have worked themsleves up quite an erection.

worse than any terrorist organization, worse than any natural disaster, worse than the wrath of god himself, these people feed on death. they are peddlers of the sick, the dying, the lost, the dead, the lonely, the homesick, the devastated. they feed off of these emotions for without them they would have nothing to say. it would be quiet...almost peaceful. unfortunately for those of us not wanting to blame, for those of us who understand there are lives to be saved and looking back won't take us forward right now, for those of us who understand compassion, for those of who want to end suffering and for those of us who do it all so quietly...we are drowned in the din of irrationality and hate that has become modern liberalism.

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