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Did you know that Planned Parenthood is giving out contraceptives and "reproductive health services" to evacuees? This is truly remarkable. So as 13sides man on the street, I had to go find out the reaction of some of the refugees to this news.

I interviewed 42 year old Sammy Washington, a former resident of New Orleans' Ninth Ward now seeking refuge in the Houston Astrodome. Sammy, who hasn't bathed in 3 days, recanted his story in wonderful detail. "I had just shared an MRE with Shanice....I...I... don't remember her last name. We took a nice long walk and visited her sister who was getting an abortion in the visitor's locker room. I took a handful of jimmy-hats, went back to her cot and we made sweet, sweet love. It was a little weird having her 3 kids and great aunt watching us. But we just pretended it was a Muslim wedding night. Damn, those cots make a lot of noise. "

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