things i can blame bush for


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people are always blaming bush for this or that. frankly at first i thought it was ridiculous and then i began to look around and see all of the ways bush has failed me personally. i would like to catalog some of the things i can blame on bush.

1. track marks
2. lazy eye
3. club foot
4. allergy to rag weed
5. the shakes
6. rainbows
7. motley crue
8. women immune to roofies
9. men not immune to roofies
10. scratchy toilet paper
11. crucifiction of jesus
12. chicago cubs
13. sun burn
14. oprah
15. apathy
16. tipper gore
17. harry potter
18. things that smell like lemon
19. blindness
20. corn

think that about gets it all...if i can think of anymore ill be sure to let you know.

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