this week in awards: september 30


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its that time again....time to hand out our weekly awards.

the award for "the woman america would least like to see her chotch" goes to cindy sheehan for her grinning like a whore being told she's clean while being carried by two men who later had to boil their hands off because, and i quote, "they smelled like evil".

the award for "bitch, you had 80,000 pages and a hearing" goes to hillary for claiming supreme court chief justice john roberts did not give enough information.

the award for "roe v. wade? seeeeee ya" goes to our new favorite washingtonian john roberts. congrats john and do us proud.

the award for "thanks for providing us a new brand of toilet paper" goes to ronnie earl for the tom delay indictment which reads like something you might find here.

and finally....

the award for "we hope this spreads to muslim countries only" goes to the avian flu, reportedly to kill a possible 150 million people. here at 13sides we can only hope most of them are bomb tossing, allah blowing, america hating, no bath taking muslims.

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