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the weekly awards issued are as follows...

the "sticks and stones" award goes to our lord and president for putting up with another week for being blamed for sandy plains iowa's own jeanette hornington's yeast infection and the now pandemic infection of the left to form any argument without foaming at the mouth and then nailing themselves to a cross.

the "quit jerkin' your gerkin" award goes to michael newdow for leading a life void of anything of any interest and for being so sensitive he cries for every sperm each time he's jerkin' his gerkin.

the "please dont drop the bomb on me" award goes to iran because instead of using the massive resource they all stand on they feel it necessary to try alternative energy sources (read: "we will bomb you dirty infidels").

the "allah is a big fat liar" award goes to our friendly lovers of peace and c4, dirty muslims, for realizing the 72 virgins waiting for them in heaven are all men hopped up on viagra and hung like donkeys.

the "hey katrina, you missed one" award goes to our favorite pop star for showing the world that trash can reproduce.

the "things that will never happen to me" award goes to all the women willing to experiment ... and hopefully film it in high quality, selling it on dvd's... hold on let me get you my mailing address...

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