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our pal horatio has put a writing assignment out. he wants two questions answered. ill do my best but im pretty drunk right now.

1) George W. Bush's appointment of Michael Brown, a man with exactly zero disaster management experience, to the top spot at FEMA (by the way, even Michelle Malkin agrees with me) 2) the ongoing, Soviet-style attempt to prevent newsmedia from reporting on the aftermath of this domestic natural disaster as well as the colossal mismanagement of the recovery effort

1) to answer question 1 i must take a quick huff of butane and put a pillow over the baby's face, he wont quit crying. now ive never claimed to be smart or sober but i think i might know why he was appointed as the top man of fema:

Previously, Mr. Brown served as FEMA's Deputy Director and the agency's General Counsel. Shortly after the September 11th terrorist attacks, Mr. Brown served on the President's Consequence Management Principal's Committee, which acted as the White House's policy coordination group for the federal domestic response to the attacks.

"previous" refers to before he became head punching bag for the left in 2003. again i find it very strange that the left likes to complain about an appointment now...after the fact. if he was so incompetent where was the outrage of being appointed post 9/11? also to have experience for the nation's worst natural disaster he'd have to have been alive before the nation was formed and experience a natural disaster of proportion to katrina...but then the left would be mad he didnt have experience managing any disasters in this nation and would promptly disqualify him. im not saying things were handled smooth as a baby's butt, however, fema is not the only organization to help with relief efforts. other organizations include but are not limited to, the state of louisiana, the parish of orleans, the city of new orleans,...etc. but let's not confuse facts with the truth.

2) this isnt russia. is this russia? this isnt russia. first of all taking joshua marshall as the truth is the first problem. that dude has an obsession with jack abramoff that borders on high sexual perversion. okay, lets imagine you are trying to secure a city that is flooded with terrible sewage, looters, dead bodies, black people, looters, african americans, dead black people, living black people with guns, three white people unarmed, 'color'eds carrying tv's, looters, and now the media who carry things looters and black people want to steal (unfortunately "jobs" aren't one of those things). so by trying to get the media to leave they are saving relief workers from having to find more dead bodies, to save the "white media establishment" from having their cameras and wallets stolen by the poor negroes bush left behind, and from having to worry about making sure when they do their job it can't be misconstrued by some muslim loving journalist wanting to blame bush for their hemorrhoids and the fact the guy they met at the gym wont call them back. sometimes i wish the media would go away and let people do their jobs...if the media is not worried about being shot now then by all means stay...and while you're there make sure you let everyone who stayed behind know you have expensive video equipment that can be sold on the "black" market.

i understand the media has an important role in our society but damn...what more can they show us other than dead bodies and black people stealing things? i live in atlanta, i can look outside for that. the only thing i can reason out is by showing how poorly things were handled they can hurt the administration and get a democrat elected.

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