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what would jack the ripper do?

i woke up this morning in tuscon, missing a flip flop, with a bloody nose, and next to a stripper who has a tattoo of jesse jackson on her left breast. thoroughly confused i started drinking rubbing alcohol and looking for some butane. then it came to me. people constantly fight about what the jew the romans killed would do and whether or not he would be a republican or democrat. as those of us who live on the planet earth know, our lord and savior (other than dubya) would be a republican. the bible is very clear about not killing babies and not taking any flack from dirty muslims. to me its not a fruitful discussion. most democrats dont even believe in anything other than michael moore so to hear them quote scripture is like listening to a deaf retard try to explain the finer points of dialectical materialism.

i want to know what would jack the ripper do? i think he would be a democrat. first of all he was british and we all know how the brits love socialism and loving socialism puts you in the liberal camp. he also liked to kill people, mostly women. democrats love killing people, especially babies, which next to women are the most defenseless creatures, so really they like to kill women and babies. the score is now dems 2 and the party of the good and just 0. the women jacky boy preyed upon were hookers; democrats have no taste in women. have you seen hilary, or teresa ketchup, or jew babs, or baghdad betty? sweet jesus if only he were still with us. not only that but the moral barometer for democrats has been broken for a long time....unfortunately so has their eyesight. finally jack was suspected of being either a surgeon or a butcher. well if you combine the two you get an abortion doctor...see above; jack is a democrat.

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