frenchman talks about his black hole


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i love the french. they are so good with ideas and wine and kissing and fries and toast and waffles...wait thats belgium...anywho. i love to listen to them talk too. its better than when the british speak (partly because i dont speak english) but worse than when an arab does their guttural pig grunting (which holds a special place in my heart that i am prohibited by law to speak of again). so dude jean-pierre-bastille-eiffel-fromage-bete-louis-vitton-claude-van-damme tells the bbc that terrorists are now training in iraq and this is a bad thing for the world. lets take some time to review what jean-phillipe-menage-trois-paul-satre-laissez-faire calls a 'black hole'.

a black hole, by 13sides definition, is a place where you set your keys down and then cant remember where they are. or the place where that one sock goes in the dryer. or that place you go on those days you cant get out of bed because the rug burns on the back of your head are so bad you cant see straight. or the place where you let a bunch of dirty arabs congregate for training so you know where they and can monitor them or bomb them into a black hole or capture them and torture them for being different. seems jean-montreal-quebec-vache-escargot thinks knowing where terrorists are, knowing where they recruit and train, knowing how they recruit and train is a bad thing. i have but one thing to say to t'aime mon petit chou chou, je veut manger le petit au dejeuner dans votre l'estomach.

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