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sometimes the three of us (myself, the good doctor, and the octagon) like to go to the good doctor's house and lay out by the pool. get a little sun, do a little meth, maybe bar-b-q a baby seal....who knows? its all in good fun. however, there is one thing we constantly have a problem with and that is who has to get up and flip the country church album. at last it seems we have a wonderful solution.

we can buy babies off the chinese baby e-bay. think about how this is a win/win for all parties involved. 13sides now has an unlimited supply of children to flip our records over, cut the grass, play the cello, and do really difficult math problems. the chinese kids get a place to stay and all of the free legal advice from the doctor, lessons on not taking candy from a stranger from the octagon, and how to tell bad hits of acid from the good ones from me. we would name them all jackie chan and teach them kung-fu or karate or something and they could be child ninjas too. how cool would it be for 13sides to be in control of a legion of child chinese ninjas? we'll let you know when we get our first one.

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