i told you racism is funny


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so funny in fact my boy richard thought he'd make a tease of it.

sometimes the octagon, the doctor and i like to play charades. we like to act out such silliness as the lynching of medgar evers. man that one really gets me going. sometimes we even get a horse and some rope. one time we convinced the octagon we were actually going to lynch him and he peed himself. thats funny, i dont care who you are.

we also like to play a game called "cross the rio grande". we play in the doctor's pool. basically the octagon and i try and swim the length of the pool while the goood doctor shoots at us. i really enjoy that...especially after a couple of huffs of butane.

then we play "hold your breath holocaust". we lock ourselves in a bathroom, shave our heads, and smoke cigarettes until we pass out. that one is fun as long as the octagon is not standing behind you... then you get butterflies in your stomach.

one new game the good doctor thought up was "shepard's pie". if anyone of the three of us does anything remotely gay we beat the crap out of eachother with baseball bats.

It's sad that in a land with literally millions of middle-class black people, we feel compelled to fuel this ridiculous gangsta-movie myth that sticking a gun out a car window and killing people is just part of life.

i agree totally richard. i mean seriously it is all black people all the time. if they werent propogating this sterotype of bad movies with big guns, us white kids would have no games to play. i am glad you place the blame squarely where it belongs.

Edited: The good Doctor would just like to add:

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