miers to pull out


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ive never been a big fan of the rhythm method. pulling out is like eating a twinkie with the wrapper on. i mean i work so hard for those three maybe four seconds i deserve full gratification. pulling out is never an option, to me its like being a quitter, and momma didnt raise no quitter.

however, im glad miers pulled out. i could not imagine having more of her running around. it leaves us with three very important lingering questions. 1. who will bush nominate now? 2. who did she pull out of? 3. where are my pants? lets take some time to answer these.

1. bush will nominate someone who is a snappy dresser, fast talker, and likes to be called "cotton". hopefully, our lord and savior dubya will pick the fight we've all been waiting for. i for one dont really care who comes out looking bad, i just want some serious hypocrisy, self-righteous indignation, and maybe a little panty raid of the black caucus.

2. who is miers having sex with? and why would she pull out? my best guess is ted kennedy is always so drunk its hard to keep it up, so its not so much pulling out as it is falling out.

3. i think i left my pants at the playground.

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