protestors protesting protest actually protesting irony


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interesting. so a bunch of nazis go out to protest a black neighborhood overrun with crime and drugs, and before the protest starts the neighborhood reminds the nazis the nazis forgot to add looting to the list.

the irony is so rich in this event i am almost at a loss...but not completely.

im not sure what the "hood" expects from the rest of america. we clothe them on our dime, we feed them on our dime, we try to educate them, we try to get them jobs, hell, we try to give them jobs too, and out of this has arisen a stereotype. this stereotype is not based on the civil war and slavery, it is not based on jim crow, it is not based on segregation, it is based on clear, concise, empirical data. when i see a priest i have a stereotype of that person, they will probably be soft spoken, engaging, devoutly religious, and a good listener. when i see someone in a lab coat and scrubs, i stereotype them as well, probably a doctor. when i see someone dressed like they are from the "hood"...well i can safely assume they will try to steal my bicycle. thats not racist. at no point do i think because of their race the are fact it is in spite of their race they are inferior. with all of the help being given to the "hood" spite of everything being done...the stereotype persists. who's fault is that? white america? do we dress these people, do we arm them, do we provide the needle and the pipe? people in the "hood" are seen as criminals because they act like criminals. if it walks like a duck, quacks like a will try to steal your bicycle.

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