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ive been away. trying to get cleaned up. didnt work. my wife started back to school and is really having a hard time with the other fourth graders.

so my boy richard has weighed in on constructionism. now i ask myself....what is constructionism? is it possible it took seven days for god to create the earth and an extra week to "construct" the disjointed mind that is a modern liberal? alas, i say no. the mind of a modern liberal is evolution or actually the lack of evolution. as the rest of the planet and gods chosen creatures continue to see reality as it really exists and evolve along with it, the gap between those of us evolving just like our lord and saviour darwin says and those who remain is stasis continues to grow larger. look, marxism was so 1800's and socialism was so last century. who really believes that crap anyway? ill tell you who...people whose brains are not fully developed from lack of evolutionary progression.

survival of the fittest is leaving some of world behind. i for one am glad.

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