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Call Farrakhan. The jews are oppressing the homies again. It appears some of the inmates of the NBA are upset that the evil oppressor David Stern has instituted a dress code of business casual for NBA players when they are on the bench, after the game, etc. One of the most outspoken critics of this policy is Indiana Pacers forward Stephen Jackson. You may remember Stephen Jackson from old NBA greatest hits highlights when he was punching Detroit fans in the face. Jackson, who made around $5 million last year, called the policy "attacking young black males". Dear Stephen, stop pulling a Horatio and shut the F up. I guess most all of corporate America "attacks" black males on a daily basis then.

Completing the evil Jew double-whammy, Maccabi Tel-Aviv beat the Toronto Raptors this week. David Stern was in attendance and was seen doing cartwheels down the tunnel after the game.

Speaking of attacking young black males, I think Urban Meyer is trying to get Chris Leak killed. Speaking of Chris Leak, is he the doppelganger of Emmanuel Lewis?

The collective yawn you heard was that of the nation when we found out that Houston and the Chicago White Sox are playing in the world series. I'd rather hear Horatio ramble about tort reform.

Did you know Alex Zanardi won a auto race in August? What's so special about Alex Zanardi, you say? Alex Zanardi has no legs! He is really handicapped, unlike the handicapped that the racing media seems to think Danica Patrick is because she has perky little boobies.

Did you know Stephen A. Smith's show on ESPN in it's debut week had worse ratings than The Competitive Eating Championships on ESPN2?

If any of you are wondering what happened to Jill Arrington, I promise I'll let her go when I am done with her.

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