this week in awards: october 21st


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lets get started.

the award for "dudes that need the medal of honor" goes to the 173rd airborne brigade of the us army for finally taking matters into their own hands. though daniel perl could not be reached for comment 13sides believes him to be very happy about the burnings.

the award for "women crazier than ex-girlfriends" goes to the mother who threw her three children into the san francisco bay. this is typically something a white woman would do...but it seems being crazy and a woman crosses racial boundaries.

the award for "dont call it a comeback" goes to burt bacharach for his new album which has a couple of anti-war songs. just when you thought you were going to have to pump his heart by hand ol' burtie boy comes storming back onto the scene. good for you one cares.

the award for "dumbest person to get elected" goes to cynthia "daddy hates the jews" mckinney for asking michael chertoff why he shouldnt be tried for negligent homicide. its amazing how far one can go race baiting.

the award for "are you still here?" goes to cindy sheehan...well, for still breathing really and for trying to pick fights with her own party. evidentally she became bored with republicans who ignored her she is now going after the democrats.

the award for "is that a script in your pants or are you just happy to see me" goes to sandy berger for making it to primetime tv being an advisor to the lovely horse faced geena davis.

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