this week in awards: october 7th


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more awards...of course.

the award for "super secret ninja nominee" goes to harriet miers, who, if she doesnt overturn roe, will have to deal with the wrath of god and a drunken, poop flinging, pathetic tirade from me.

the award for "we watch you when you sleep" goes to the us government in vetting our dirty brown bombers before they have a chance to assplode and then enter heaven to get anal raped by allah himself.

the award for "worst diety ever" goes to allah or mohammed or whatever the hell he calls himself this week for convincing stupid brown people that blowing up will somehow gain them recognition in the afterlife. if you're such a fag you cant fight like a man do you really think some hairy armed, bad hygeine, burkha wearing 'virgin' is going to let you invade her mosque?

the award for "the country we least care about but spied on anyway" goes to the phillipines. i dont even think the phillipines is a real country...again we have our crack research team looking into it. i think it is a code for where muslims go to engage sexual contact with pigs.

the award for "the disease we hope spreads to only muslim countries" is legionnaire's disease which has seen a recent outbreak in canada. we need some of those canadians to take one for the team and take a flight to iran or palestine or this place the phillipines people are now talking about.

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